Career in business and environmental journalism, 1989 to present. I have accumulated specialized knowledge of energy industries and technologies, energy laws and regulations, and related environmental laws and regulations.

I started writing fiction in the 1980s. Satirical novel Clumsy Hearts (under the pseudonym Hysteria Molt) was completed in 1989 and self-published in 2012.

Mainstream novel Globalists was completed in 2000, self-published in 2015. Mainstream novel Calculated Risks was completed in 2005, self-published in 2015.

I gathered together my science fiction short stories under the title Remembering the Future and self-published them in 2013. No story was previously published in magazines. 

Wilderness, a science fiction novel, was completed in 2010 and self-published in 2013. Wonders and Tragedies, a science fiction novel, was completed in 2010 and self-published in 2013. 

​More to come.

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