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Middle East Institute

It is the best think tank I know of. It is focused on developments in the Middle East and North Africa. It is a superb educational institution, trying to spread knowledge and understanding without grinding political axes. It often has the most expert speakers. Based in Washington, D.C. 

A digital magazine for lovers of architecture and design. A great surplus of photos of interesting buildings and bridges and roads and sometimes interesting landscaping and not so interesting furniture. The buildings are the main thing.

Population Clock
Just as a reminder. We keep adding people. 

Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News
A good website for news about some of the most profound scientific developments of our lifetimes. The importance of recombinant DNA technology cannot be overstated.

Spaceflight Now
Here is a good website for space exploration. It is a subject that has interested me since, oh, about age 10. There are of course other sites. The obvious sites worth mentioning are NASA and the European Space Agency. Another website for good writing on space exploration and cosmology in general is Centauri Dreams, created by Paul Glister, at 


Here is a website of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). There is no single science website for general science news that I truly like, but this can serve as a starting point, let's say.

The New Territory
A good regional magazine. It covers the "lower Midwest," meaning the central prairies and plains and the Ozarks. It was founded and is edited by Tina Casagrand from her base in Jefferson City, Mo., for people who value a sense of place and good writing.​

Sojourner: The Art of Travel

A website for the travel writing of Bill Thompson. He has worked as a journalist and has traveled quite a bit for both personal pleasure and work. He writes very well. 

Le Monde

Newlines Magazine

France 24

Deutsche Welle

El Pais

Al Jazeera

Foreign news, in English. These news websites often have the same flaws as U.S. news -- the same subjects and superficialities. But they also have other subjects, a break from the usual herd-following U.S. news outlets.